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6/2013 Seattle, WA

Dr. Golab attended a display and parade of body art and analyzed copyright issues with the affixed to a permanent medium of expression requirement.

6/2013 Doral, FL

Dr. Golab attended the Venezuelan Chamber of commerce reception displaying art in furniture, fabrics, and walls.

6/2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Golab attended DBR’s Law Tech Seminar about technology and the law.

6/2013 Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Golab lectured about opportunities and exploitation of inventions and responded the many questions about patent law at the Inventors Society of South Florida.

5/2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Golab consulted with theater groups on Copyright creation, registration, licensing, and adaptation in the context of Argentinian law and subscribed international treaties.

5/2013 St. George, UT

Dr. Golab attended meeting on Patent Strategies for the Next Decade in Light of the America Invents Act.

4/2013 Miami, FL

Dr. Golab participated and lectured at the monthly Miami Inventors meeting.

4/2013 Miami, FL

Guatemalan artist Ana Cubillas consulted about trademark of colors.

4/2013 Miami, FL

Dr. Golab attended lecture at University of Miami on Hot Topics in Patent Law .

3/2013 Miami, FL

World-renown cosmiatrix Rosa Fernandez consulted with Dr. Golab about FDA regulations on importing, selling and using non-medicated skin care products in the USA.

3/2013 Miami, FL

Dr. Golab presented GOLAB IP and gave mini lecture at Negocios USA breakfast.

3/2013 Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Dr. Golab met with local IP attorneys and discussed intellectual property as an economic development agent.

2/2013 Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Golab met with Denia-Sibus’ Chief Engineer, a multinational large infrastructure builder, to discuss advances in reinforced concrete structures technology.

2/2013 Haifa, Israel

Dr. Golab visited the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, his alma matter and one to the top 10 universities in the world. Dr. Golab met with the Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, and examined the technology transfer department.

2/2013 Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Golab visited the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein-Karen Hospital to review advances in medical technology standardization, in particular its use in the emergency room.

2/2013 Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Golab met with Dr. Isik Ozdogan in beautiful Istanbul and discussed Intellectual Property issues.

2/2013 Miami, FL

Dr. Golab presented GOLAB IP and gave mini lecture at Negocios USA breakfast.

2/2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Golab lectured and consulted on patent registration strategies for non-Patent Cooperation Treaty member countries.

2 / 2013 Florida International University, Miami, USA

As president of the Miami Area Inventors and Entrepreneurs Network, Dr. Golab visited FIU to plan the joint March 2013 meeting of the Inventor’s group and FIU’s Engineering students and faculty. The proposed lecture will cover subjects of Intellectual Property relevant to FIU’s Engineering School.

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