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2 / 2013 Florida International University, Miami, USA

As president of the Miami Area Inventors and Entrepreneurs Network, Dr. Golab visited FIU to plan the joint March 2013 meeting of the Inventor’s group and FIU’s Engineering students and faculty. The proposed lecture will cover subjects of Intellectual Property relevant to FIU’s Engineering School.

1 / 2013 Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico

Dr. Mario Golab met with professors of the prestigious University of Guadalajara to review the progress made on his master class delivered there a few years ago. The university is in the forefront of scientifically tackling climatic change effects of Mexico’s population. Some of those developments may have an application beyond the frontiers of this marvelous country.

1 / 2013 Mexico City, Mexico

Dr. Mario Golab lectured on intellectual property protection to a group of extremely talented Mexican industrial designers and artists. During the presentation, the designers asked about different means of protection both domestic and international.

1 / 2013 Miami, FL, USA

Dr. Mario Golab attended the launching party for the NEGOCIOS USA business magazine. Dr. Golab penned an Intellectual Property guide for entrepreneurs, the third in a series of Intellectual Property articles. The article, appearing in pages 34 and 35, was extremely well received.

12 / 2012 Toulouse, France

Dr. Mario Golab visited France’s Airbus Industries A380 manufacturing plant. Dr. Golab, an experienced Aeronautical Engineer himself, met with Airbus engineers and managers to discuss the future of aircraft design trends.

12 / 2012 Portugalete and Bilbao, Spain

Portugalete is a suburb of Bilbao has one of the most interesting bridges, or better said transporter, in the world. The fact that this transporter was designed and built in the XIX century does only augment the impression about the innovation in those days. Dr. Mario Golab met with the operations and maintenance crew to review future uses of this technology. Dr. Golab also visited Bilbao’s famous Guggenheim museum.

12 / 2012 Montevideo, Uruguay

Dr. Mario Golab visited Uruguay’s national laboratories LATU and discussed the registration of patent protection for their inventions. Dr. Golab also visited with Uruguayan colleagues to learn about Uruguayan Intellectual Property law.

11 / 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Mario Golab visited the Center for Intellectual Property, in Buenos Aires, of which he founded and was its first Executive Director.

11 / 2012 Mar del Plata and Sierra de los Padres, Argentina

Dr. Mario Golab reviewed the new multimodal transportation terminal at Mar del Plata. The visit also included the infrastructure of the fishing port. Finally, Dr. Golab attended a lecture in Sierra de los Padres about Denomination of Origin.

11 / 2012 Miami, USA

Dr. Mario Golab hosted and lectured at the November meeting of Miami Inventors and Entrepreneurs group. Dr. Golab answered questions of the members and help them advance in their respective projects.

10 / 2012 Lima, Cuzco, Puno, and Chucuito, Peru

Dr. Mario Golab met with Peruvian and Uruguayan colleagues to discuss different areas of engineering, plant varieties, and legal protection. The establishment of fishing ponds on Lake Titicaca was also explored.


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